Event FAQ'S

10.30 AM Question-1

Q1. Are there any additional charges for booking a ticket online ?

No additional charges would be taken in any case of booking the tickets online from www.megamusicalfest.com

09.00 PM Question-2

Q2. How can I purchase MMF tickets ?

Tickets can be purchased online at www.megamusicalfest.com.Offline Tickets can be purchased at Authorized Promotional Partners of MMF and branch or head office of thrillxx travel company.

05.15 PM Question-3

Q3. Does Outside food and beverages is allowed in Mega Musical Fest ?

No outside food is allowed in the MMF Premises. You can always enjoy the drinks, delicious food and snacks available inside City of dreams.

12.00 PM Question-4

Q4. Can I bring kids in the Musical Fest. ?

Tickets of MMF are only sold to 18+ therefore Unfortunately no children are allowed in MMF Dance Premises. However Children Can Be Brought To Family Sit Out Zone And Common Area On Prior Notice.

09.10 PM Question-5

Q5. Where can I find the new information about upcoming updates and promotion ?

You can find the Information on www.megamusicalfest.com or you can call @ 7650050029. For updates join our Facebook and Instagram Page Thrillxx.

08.25 AM Question-6

Q6. Can I bring medication or drugs ?

Mega Musical Fest and The It’s Organizer Thrillxx Strictly Works with Zero Tolerance Policy on using drugs. It is highly prohibited to use, deal or be in possession of drugs in the entire premises of MMF and the camping area as well. If you need to take prescribed medication due to health problems, you need to have a valid medical certificate on prior notice. We can only allow these specific medications if you can present a valid medical certificate at the entrance.

02.00 PM Question-7

Q7. How Can I Include My Pickup and Drop Facilities ??

You can buy an PICK Up and Drop Pass In Ticket Section or Can Ask to any executive over phone @ 7650050028. It’s free for Madness Comfort Pass And Camping Pass Upto 10 km of ride on the date of event and then it is charged 8rs Per Km for continuing further. You just need to call at Travel Desk @ 7650050028 to ask for your included Pickup and Drop.Your Pickup and drop timings and locations will be clear by one of our executive on call as you buy Pick Up and Drop Pass.

01.30 PM Question-8

Q8. How can i reach to Mega Musical Fest from any other City and then returning back to my home ?

MMF brings for you Home to Home Travel facilities to travel from anywhere around in order to reach udaipur in the minimum prices. You can also choose New Year Special Sightseeing Package wich Includes Home to Home Travel, Udaipur and Nearby New Year Special Sightseeing, .Food, Stay and Ofcourse Musical Fest on 31st night.Choosing both way travel while booking MMF ticket online is suggested best. Always talk to any of our tour executive @ 7650050028 for Sightseeing, New Year Special Tour Package, Hotels and Travel Regarding Jobs and queries.

04.10 PM Question-9

Q9. Does accommodation in MMF is also provided for stay ?

Yes, Accommodation in Camps or In Certified Hotels is always provided with the Tickets Such as City of dreams pass. You can always include Hotels in Lowest price while booking any other ticket which does not include accommodation.

05.00 PM Question-10

Q10. How Can I buy tickets through cash ?

A. You can buy tickets using cash From the Authorized Promotional Partners of MMF. (Subject to availability of tickets) You Can also contact Mega Musical Fest Team @ 7650050029 to get Tickets delivered to your home.

06.25 PM Question-11

Q11. Does refund for the tickets would be given if I do not attend the festival ?

A. Sorry, No refund will be provided for tickets In case of not attending the fest (No show) Or leaving the fest in between for any reasons.

03.15 PM Question-12

Q12. Will I need to carry a photo id along for ticket verification purposes ?

Yes. A valid Photo ID is mandatory to show before entering MMF Premises i.e. Voter Card, PAN Card, Passport, Driver’s License etc. Identity on your phone is allowed.

04.10 PM Question-13

Q13. Do the passes give access to free food and beverages ?

Only specific tickets addressing Free Food allows free food or snacks . However you can buy the same inside the venue at better cost.

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