Article - 1

  • Anyone entering Mega Musical Festival declares to have accepted these General Rules and Conditions by purchasing ticket.

  • Anyone who fails to abide by these General Rules and Conditions may be denied from the festival grounds. Non-compliance with the General Rules and Conditions gives the organization the right to deny admission to the Mega Musical Festival in the next five years.

Article - 2

  • Anyone who wishes to enter MMF shall be registered and Should have Valid pass (Electronic or Physical).

  • The minimum age for MMF is 18 years. There will be no exception to this rule.

  • For security reasons, visitors holding a Madness Comfort pass or City of dreams pass are only allowed to take re- entry in the premises. Any other pass will not be reactivated until any Prior written permission.

  • Single Entry, Princess Comfort and Royal Comfort have access to paid counters for food.

  • Free Pick and Drop Facilities are only available on specific passes Up to 10 km. More than 10 KM would be charged as 8 rs per KM.

  • The causing of any Indiscipline or criminal activity is subject to criminal prosecution.